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Pepsi’s Creative Footwork

AJ Hewish, October 14 2022

Coca-Cola & FIFA Get Nutmegged by Pepsi Suppose you’re a fan of soccer and a follower of viral videos over the past decade. If so, you’ve heard of the nutmeg. Pepsi just nutmegged Coca-Cola and FIFA with their latest ad starring some of the world’s greatest-ever players such as Roberto Carlos, Lionel Messi, Thiery Henry, and

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Making a Statement

Hiral Patel, October 14 2022

What’s in a World Cup Kit? Football fans are probably feeling a bit unusual right now, as the hype for the FIFA World Cup begins… in the fall season. With the 2022 World Cup set to kick off in Qatar in November, the anticipation is beginning to build up and teams have begun to release their uniforms for the tournament. However, not every uniform...

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white whale mktg signs Badminton Canada

Christopher Nascimento, October 14 2022

Developing Partnerships for a National Sports Organization The other day, white whale mktg released a video announcing their latest client in Badminton Canada. A step into the sports property business that was a long time in the making where the Ottawa-based sports marketing company will provide partnership marketing development

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Lebron’s Taking His Talents To…

AJ Hewish, October 14 2022

Major League Pickleball Announces Lebron James as One of Many Investors We’ve all heard of the MLB, the NBA, the MLS, the NFL, and many more major sports leagues in North America and across the globe. Well, there’s a new player in town, and it’s been backed by one of the GOATs of basketball: Lebron

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Chelsea FC Ready for Football Evolution

AJ Hewish, September 16 2022

New EPL Owner making some noise For Chelsea Football Club, the past several years have been interesting. Most notably, winning the Champions League and even new club ownership. With this ownership, there is another page in the story for Chelsea in the public media as their new owner, Todd Boehly, has shown his hand for what he plans to be the futur...

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Barstool Sports Launches New NIL Platform

Christopher Nascimento, September 16 2022

Is TwoYay the next big marketplace for college athletes? Barstool Sports has launched the newest NIL platform for college athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likeness - TwoYay. This latest tool in the marketplace will allow Barstool to use their audiences to grow the platform, but also connect their advertisers to the pool of Barstool...

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What’s in a Moment?

Hiral Patel, September 16 2022

Bills WR takes gender reveal to the next level When the Buffalo Bills and LA Rams kicked off the 2022-23 NFL season last Thursday, over 21.3 million viewers tuned in for the marquee matchup. The 31-10 victory was a delight for Bills fans everywhere – but a few Bills fans, in particular, enjoyed the night a little more than everyone else.

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Out of Office and In the Ballpark

Hiral Patel, September 9 2022

Seattle Mariners look to bring a unique activation to corporate fans Afternoon baseball. A concept loved by fans across the continent, but only on the weekends. The weekday afternoon baseball is a tough sell for ticket sales reps, and a tough buy for most blue- and white-collar workers. This past Wednesday, the Seattle Mariners partnered with Geekw...

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NFL Partners with ITV

AJ Hewish, September 9 2022

Steps to growing Football internationally Since 2007 the NFL has played numerous league games in what came to be known as the international series, in various countries around the world including Mexico, Germany, and England. Most notably, the NFL has played 30 games in England since 2007, playing at England’s iconic Wembley Stadium, Twickenham, an...

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Now Available: College Athletes Jerseys Through Fanatics

Christopher Nascimento, September 9 2022

Whose jersey are you getting? On Thursday, another milestone was set in the NIL world. You are now able to purchase a college athlete's jersey through Fanatics. More than 40 schools and over 4,300 athletes are available via the new college football store. Gone are the days of seeing the generic college jerseys - no nameplate, just the number. Fanat...

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