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Hiral Patel, October 14 2022

Digital Tickets On Deck

Major League Baseball’s playoff NFTs look to bring fans to the blockchain

Is there a better month for sports than October? The beginning of the NHL and NBA seasons, the NFL in full swing, Champions League football in Europe, Pumpkin Spice Lattes – what’s not to love? Baseball fans have an extra special reason to love October – playoff season.

Fans will trade in their t-shirts for sweaters and jackets and make their way to the ballpark to cheer on their favourite teams as they vie for the World Series. This year, the MLB is providing attendees with another way to experience the game. With the league’s partnership with Candy Digital, every fan who attends a 2022 Postseason game will receive a free 2022 Postseason Ticket NFT.

These NFTs include seat information and game details and will be updated to include game highlights within 24 hours of the game. Fans in attendance will receive a link to redeem their NFT on Candy Digital’s platform. In addition to the collectible tickets, Candy Digital will be releasing “Play of the Day” NFTs, which highlight some of the most exciting moments from playoff baseball:

One of the critical features of NFTs and their adoption is the utility – what value is the fan getting by holding these NFTs? The MLB is giving an opportunity for fans who purchased the “Leadoff Series” NFTs in April a chance to find 1 of 8 tokens, which can be traded in for a pair of tickets to the World Series.

While the value of these commemorative tickets remains to be seen – it is an interesting feature to be adding for the MLB playoffs. With paper tickets being eased out by most professional sports teams, the digital ticket does not provide the same nostalgia when you look back in your mobile wallet. Perhaps these playoff NFTS and the highlight animations will be something fans will cherish and share 10-20 years down the road when they look back at the good old days.

October 14, 2022 - Issue 58 of The Sport Marketeer

Written by

Hiral Patel


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