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AJ Hewish, October 21 2022

Making Dreams Come True with F1

Formula 1 Brings Immersive Arcade experience to Fans

If you ever went to an arcade with your friends as a kid you surely remember the old driving games that you would spend hours on—racing against your friends sitting in front of the 90s-era screen with the steering wheel in front of you. Well F1 is bringing the nostalgia back to the big stage.

Announced earlier this week, F1 is set to launch their premium and first-of-its-kind experiential venue, known as F1 Arcade, in London this November. Around the corner from St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge in Central London, the F1 Arcade will feature 60 motion F1 simulators and give fans the opportunity to live out their racing dreams, while enjoying best-in-class food and drink offerings. 

According to F1, the arcade “has been created for F1 fans and newcomers to the sport alike and will cater to a wide range of groups and occasions, from nights out with friends to family experiences, corporate events and everything in between.”

Check out the stunning new arcade here: ​​

F1 is taking it to a whole new level. We’ve seen esports venues around the world, we’ve seen racing simulator games at home, and of course, we’ve seen restaurant and drink venues. Well F1 did some pretty simple math: A+B+C = F1 Arcade.

Video games are on the rise and technological advancements aren’t slowing down any time soon. By introducing 60 state-of-the-art F1 simulators, racing fans will be able to experience the true racing life. Combining the high-tech racing environment as well as the food and drink service platform, F1 fans and non-F1 fans can gather in London to race against one another or just hang out with good food and tasty drinks.

October 21, 2022 - Issue 59 of The Sport Marketeer

Written by

AJ Hewish


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