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The Route, January 10 2023

The Route within The Route.

Ep. 120 of The Route with Podcast Host & Founder of white whale mktg

For those that listen to the podcast frequently, you'd know at the end of every episode, Christopher Nascimento, Host of The Route & Founder of white whale mktg, poses the 'rocking chair' question.

The question originates from Chris being certain, that he'll live until he's 103. At that point in time, he'll rock back and forth to reminisce on what he was able to accomplish throughout his career. The intention is for guests to imagine themselves in this scenario and for special moments to pop back into their memory.

In order to make this exercise easier for future Chris, every 20th episode is a recap of what's transpired over the last few months of his career. This week's episode, ep. 120 is no different.

Available via YouTube or, our page to be redirected to the platform of your choice.

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