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Christopher Nascimento

The Route within The Route.

The Route, January 10 2023

Ep. 120 of The Route with Podcast Host & Founder of white whale mktg For those that listen to the podcast frequently, you'd know at the end of every episode, Christopher Nascimento, Host of The Route & Founder of white whale mktg, poses the 'rocking chair' question. The question originates from Chris being certain, that he'll live until he's 103....

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Why is Game Streaming so Popular?

Christopher Nascimento, March 16 2021

A few days ago on our Instagram account @whitewhalemktg we put out a poll, "which video game console would you want us to start streaming on PS4 vs PS5?". The response was amazing, as it always is when it comes to gaming content, the result? Well let's just say the company card was charged just over $700 CAD... in order to fulfill 70% of our follow...

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How to Get a Job in the Sports Industry

Christopher Nascimento, November 29 2020

First, let me answer the question that’s on every reader’s mind. What does a 22-year-old, recent marketing graduate know that I don’t? Great question! For starters, I know how to make a mean protein smoothie BUT I also know How to get a Job in the Sports Industry!! The answer is… it’s all about who you know! That’s it! That’s the whole blog, no poi...

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