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Christopher Nascimento, March 16 2021

Why is Game Streaming so Popular?

A few days ago on our Instagram account @whitewhalemktg we put out a poll, "which video game console would you want us to start streaming on PS4 vs PS5?". The response was amazing, as it always is when it comes to gaming content, the result? Well let's just say the company card was charged just over $700 CAD... in order to fulfill 70% of our followers desire.

For those of you that are caught in the dark, with that hint, I'm referring to the new PlayStation 5. Clearly, the popularity of video games has risen over the past decade, or two... maybe risen isn't even the correct terminology. Sky-rocketed. That's the word. Let me explain why the exponential interest in video games has led to game streaming becoming so popular...

1. Perspective. It does not get simpler than this. Let me ask you a question quickly. Have you watched a a video game stream (will be referred to as just stream from here on out) in the last 12 months? If not, I promise you within your close circle of 5 friends or family members, at least one has. Don't believe me? Ask. I'll use my Dad as an example, a retired, mid-aged accountant who never grew up gaming but appreciated playing Tiger Woods Golf or Soul Calibur with us on the GameCube growing up. He would answer the question I just asked you with an emphatic no! BUT, he'd be wrong. Not only because he probably can't tell a video game vs a live sports game a part without his glasses, but this past summer during the pandemic he sat down and watched an eMLS. He was pleasantly surprised and even appreciated the skill, as the game play was on par to when he'd watch international soccer competitions. The perspective from the older generation, my generation and even Gen Z.

2. Opportunities. You need to look no further than our latest episode of The Route, episode 54 with Ron Li, Director of Digital and Commercialization at Electronic Arts (EA). This week's guest was actually a professional gamer when he was growing up, however he still isn't much of a fan of talking about it as it slightly embarrassing for him. However, for kids born around 2010 that's cool now! The reasoning is the opportunities. Now kids are dreaming of becoming Gamers, YouTubers, Podcasters, etc., when you look through my Kindergarten yearbook all you read is Fireman, Police Officer, Astronaut or for me, Soccer Player and I believe part of that reasoning is how exposed they are to those professions. Which brings us back to Ron Li. Growing up there wasn't many opportunities for gaming or streaming, and because of that people looked down upon gamers because it was a time-wasting habit. But now, you can stream NHL21 gain a following and start partnering with Bauer or even make a living off of you playing the game. Which is why now it's cool to be a gamer, and frankly if you were to ask a pre-teen or teen now if they game I'd bet a lot of money they would say yes.

3. Experience. We are now living in the world where consumers are chasing experiences, at all levels whether it be going on adventure filled vacation, eating a low-key restaurant or losing yourself in a virtual world. It something people strive for now, especially during the pandemic. The number of people that I have spoken to in the last year, nay, week who have said I can't wait to just see people again is astronomical! As it should be as we all need human connection. With that, people now more than ever are turning to other forms of experiences to get that connection whether it be podcasts, video series or gaming. When you listen or view a podcast now, it feels like you're a part of a conversation. In video series, you feel like you're living your life through the creator, and for gaming, you're bonding with those playing or viewing you as you're embarking on a mission together. Which is why there has been an even bigger rise in gaming and streaming over the last year, human connection. And, frankly technology too. We're living in a digital world. I have credit cards, spreadsheets and videos all in the palm of my hand so why wouldn't I start a community from the comforts of my home and bond with like minded people over a game of my choice.

Which is exactly what we'll be doing.

For those of you who have followed white whale mktg's journey from the beginning, when we were nascimentomktg, we actually hosted an esports tournament '32 Blitz' and we streamed with athletes and sports business students as well. We loved it! And so did our audience, however, we put it on pause. A new gaming system was about to release, PS5, and we wanted to develop the businesses foundation before dividing into sub-sections of the company. Well the time has come! The card has been swiped and the console is on its way.

What does that mean? Beginning next week we should have our streams up and running. At the beginning, we'll try somethings out and see where it goes, but what we still want to do is stream with YOU! If you have a PS5 shoot us a DM @whitewhalemktg on any of our social platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc, or send us a friend request on PSN @whitewhalemktg and we'll go from there.

Stream with you soon.

Written by

Christopher Nascimento


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