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The Route

Christopher Nascimento

The Route within The Route.

The Route, January 10 2023

Ep. 120 of The Route with Podcast Host & Founder of white whale mktg For those that listen to the podcast frequently, you'd know at the end of every episode, Christopher Nascimento, Host of The Route & Founder of white whale mktg, poses the 'rocking chair' question. The question originates from Chris being certain, that he'll live until he's 103....

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Christopher Nascimento

Building A Sports Marketing Business

Christopher Nascimento, August 23 2022

What I've Done In The Last 11 Months Three years ago I ramped up my networking as I felt the pressure. If I didn't start, I thought I'd never break into the world of sports so along came coffee chats with people around Ottawa. At the end of each chat, I'd ask for two people they'd suggest I speak to.

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