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The Sport Marketeer

$500 for a Burger

Christopher Nascimento, November 6 2021

What is an Athlete’s Post Worth? Source: white whale mktg What a time to be alive. The leaves are changing. Sun is shining and collegiate athletes in the NCAA are now eligible to profit off of their NIL. Amazing. But, before we go down the lane of candy canes and rainbows (we’ll get there soon don’t worry) we want to provide some examples and exper...

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The Sport Marketeer

A QB Controversy in Oklahoma

Hiral Patel, October 22 2021

How Two Top Prospects are Trying to Make the Most of Their Opportunity Source: thespun.com For anyone who knows college football or follows the top NFL draft-eligible prospects, Spencer Rattler is a household name - a top-ranked quarterback who is projected to be a franchise QB in the NFL, and potentially a top pick in the 2022 NFL draft. This past...

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