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Christopher Nascimento, August 23 2022

Building A Sports Marketing Business

What I've Done In The Last 11 Months

Three years ago I ramped up my networking as I felt the pressure.

If I didn't start, I thought I'd never break into the world of sports so along came coffee chats with people around Ottawa. At the end of each chat, I'd ask for two people they'd suggest I speak to.

Only issue? After some time, it became clear the sports industry in Ottawa isn't the largest. I was being referred to the same people or those I've already spoken to. That's where the idea for my podcast, The Route, came from. A way to exchange value with those outside of Ottawa in order to make an hour connecting with me worthwhile.

Since then I've connected with so many great people and it organically became my biggest asset. Without this podcast and the curiosity, I had to learn about the experiences of others I'm sure I wouldn't be in the same position I am today... 

Chasing my white whale of building a sports marketing company.

Every 20 episodes I take the time to reflect via the podcast on what's gone on in my career for my future self. This keepsake of mine as spanned from episode 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and now 100 - varying from my days prior to Founding white whale mktg to hosting an esports tournament to working for Atletico Ottawa.

Tune into episode 100 of The Route, if you'd like to hear about how I'm running my route.


Written by

Christopher Nascimento


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