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The Sport Marketeer

The Simple Week of Niko

Hiral Patel, May 30 2022

From the CPL to the MLS, and a Royal Performance to Cap it Off Some of the best stories in sports are the ones that are told the least. The comebacks, the Davids vs. the Goliaths, and even the nice guy who finishes first. Last week, Canadian soccer fans got to follow along the journey of goalkeeper Niko Giantsopoulos - in a series of events no one...

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The Sport Marketeer

The Rise of the NFT

Hiral Patel, December 31 2021

Welcome to the Simulation NBA TopShot When we look back at the year that was 2021, it is impossible to ignore the impact of COVID-19, a pandemic that continues to impact lives across the world. Whether in the world of sports, fashion, music, or beyond – there is nothing more important than health. As a result, 2021 continued to require sports leagu...

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