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The Sport Marketeer

Third Time’s The Charm

Hiral Patel, July 29 2022

South Africa Looks To Launch Their Own Domestic Cricket League Over the last year, the sport of cricket has made its way into global headlines for a few reasons – ones that we’ve talked about in previous editions of The Sport Marketeer. Numbers talk, and the numbers coming out of the IPL have been nothing to glance over. From the Indian Premier Lea...

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The Sport Marketeer

How The Indian Premier League Is Primed For The Best Season Yet

Hiral Patel, February 18 2022

Cricket: The Crown Jewel of Asian Sport pti Last week, the Indian Premier League (IPL) wrapped up its player auction for the 2022 season. Instead of an entry draft or free agency period like we are used to from North American leagues, the IPL operates differently. At the end of each season, teams select up to four players on their roster to keep fo...

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