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Pickled, April 17 2024

What's Pickled?

Introductory Blog

Why Pickled?

Simply put, Pickled, will focus on bringing a new social + sport option to those in Ottawa. However, if you’re wondering “What does that mean?”, let’s dive into it further.

For better or worse, Ottawa has been dubbed a “boring city”. If you happen to live in the capital like we do, we can see both sides to that argument. We’re constantly getting passed over by major musical acts as they stop in Montreal and Toronto and simply wave past us. But there are also some amazing recreational activities available in the area, for those that are more active: cycling or hiking in the Gatineau Park, running along the canal, or going to your local ODR with your buddies and playing a game of shinny.

The only issue is what if you don’t want to be outside at -30 after a long day’s work? Or maybe you’re tired of starring at Jimbo’s greasy beard as he sits a meter across from you at the same booth you’ve sat in since you graduated high school? Or even worse you’re not in the mood to exchange pleasantries with a random stranger while you wear matching Gildan t-shirts provided by the local intramural club.

Well, let’s talk Pickled then…

What is Pickled?

Once again, our focus is to bring a new social + sport option to those in Ottawa. Now that your head is in the right space, let’s build on it. The key to our new endeavour is social + sport. If we can’t do both we’re just a doormat for your t-shirt league.

With Pickled, we want to have it all. We want to have a spot where you can kick back and enjoy the company, you’re with but have the option to make things a little exciting and make your friends, like Jimbo, owe you the next round after you kick their ass in Pickleball.

Our goal is to operate in that sweet spot where you come to Pickled when you just want a chill place to hang out and have some fun rather than having to wait for a booth at a restaurant and then needing to find your next spot only an hour later after you dropped $60.

Next Steps?

As excited as we are to launch Pickled it doesn’t truly kick-off until we know there’s interest in what we’re offering. Therefore, if this social + sport option seems like something that is of interest to you do the following:

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