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Hiral Patel, September 16 2022

What’s in a Moment?

Bills WR takes gender reveal to the next level

When the Buffalo Bills and LA Rams kicked off the 2022-23 NFL season last Thursday, over 21.3 million viewers tuned in for the marquee matchup. The 31-10 victory was a delight for Bills fans everywhere – but a few Bills fans, in particular, enjoyed the night a little more than everyone else.

Isaiah McKenzie caught the Bills’ 3rd touchdown of the game, and the 27-year-old Bills WR (Wide Receiver) had all eyes on him for the celebration. McKenzie’s younger sister, Yliani Rivero, and her family were watching from a bar when McKenzie approached the camera:

With over 3.1 million views on the Bills post and millions of views on all other platforms, the gender reveal went viral. One question that’s on everyone’s mind is: what would have happened if McKenzie did not catch a touchdown on opening night? His response:

Out-of-the-box ideas like these are what brands should seek. There is a risk (if the moment never transpires), but the reward is arguably worth more. Imagine the value for a brand like Pampers or Huggies if they partnered to create a content piece for this.

What makes this moment extremely powerful is that it was unpredictable (even his teammates did not know he had this planned). It serves as a reminder that athletes have the unique power to create invaluable moments with the platforms they have - and when the pieces fall into place, the result is a memory to last a lifetime.

September 16, 2022 - Issue 56 of The Sport Marketeer

Written by

Hiral Patel


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