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The Sport Marketeer

Changing Things Up: BioSteel Signs NHL

AJ Hewish, July 15 2022

BioSteel Takes Over Hockey For Gatorade Since 2006, the iconic sports performance drink Gatorade has dominated the NHL as their official sports drink sponsor. However, a new competitor entered the market in recent years: Mike Cammalleri’s BioSteel. Focusing on their all-natural ingredients, essential electrolytes, and zero sugar, more and more of t...

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The Sport Marketeer

Gatorade Drops Sponsorship Deals With NHL and Others

Caleb Gilligan, June 10 2022

Gatorade Parent Company (PepsiCo) Announces Shift In Sports Sponsorship Strategy Whether it’s Marc-Andre Fleury playing a classic loose lid prank on his teammates or Dustin Brown trying to drink from the bottom of the bottle, NHL fans can quickly recognize the infamous green Gatorade water bottles found on every NHL bench. However, no more memories...

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