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Christopher Nascimento, July 22 2022

Swag Wins Championships

Gamecocks Head Coach Hops on the Mic

Anyone who ever told you defense wins championships, lied straight to your face. Hopefully, they didn’t also tell you that Santa Claus is still real. If so, grab a kleenex wipe your tears, and continue reading this.


I’m not kidding either. Gone are the days when athletes are attending sports programs that have the best coach, scheme fit, or opportunity. We’re in the area of making noise, and we want it turned all the way up.

Top college programs in the states are now focusing their efforts on winning top recruits through their work off the field. These future stars are attending programs that have the coolest facilities, nicest uni’s, and the best platforms to blow them up on social media.

A perfect example of this is through content put out this week by the South Carolina Gamecocks Football team...

Dope, no? That video was so swaggy, that I walked to the other room, put on a hat, and turned it backward as I wrote this.

In the past, we would have never seen an SEC coach leave it all out on the stage but now we’re here for it. The reach this video has gained is far greater than a recruiting visit, or on-field performance the team could achieve.

There’s a great book by Jeremy Darlow called Brands Win Championships, and he’s absolutely right. Darlow and the NCAA know how right that statement is, that programs are paying him tens of thousands of dollars to speak to individual teams at a school on how to build up their brands. The pull your brand has will be a direct correlation to the result on the field.

If you want to win a championship in the digital area, get swaggy.

July 22, 2022 - Issue 48 of The Sport Marketeer

Written by

Christopher Nascimento


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