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The Route, May 8 2024

Growing Your Career: Jump, Change, Do Something Different

On ep. 168 of The Route, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Nick McCarthy, the Director of Marketing, Communications, and Community Outreach at Beachwood Cemetery and Beachwood Cemetery Foundation. Throughout our conversation, Nick shared invaluable insights gleaned from his diverse career journey, spanning both government and non-profit sectors. Here’s a recap of our discussion, along with key takeaways for aspiring professionals:

Starting Point: Government Roots

Nick’s career journey kicked off in the government sector, where he began as an executive assistant before swiftly transitioning into a communications role. His time in various government departments and agencies provided him with a solid foundation in media communications, social media outreach, and knowledge translation.

Discovering Passion in the Non-profit Sector

While Nick excelled in his government roles, it was in the non-profit sector that he found his true calling. Here, he could marry his communications expertise with his deep-seated interest in community, culture, and heritage. This alignment of passion and profession underscored the importance of pursuing meaningful work that resonates on a personal level.

Embracing Authenticity and Taking Risks

Throughout his career, Nick emphasized the significance of authenticity, particularly during interviews. Rather than conforming to perceived expectations, he advocated for letting employers see the real you. Additionally, Nick encouraged professionals to embrace risk-taking as a means of shaping their roles into fulfilling career paths.

Differentiating Between Bosses and Mentors

A key lesson Nick imparted was the distinction between bosses and mentors. While bosses may provide direction and oversight, mentors offer invaluable guidance and support rooted in genuine care for your growth. Seeking out mentorship from individuals who align with your values can significantly accelerate your professional development.

Celebrating Milestones and Memorable Moments

Reflecting on his career highlights, Nick recounted unforgettable experiences such as unveiling plaques with Princess Marguerite and participating in events like the Tulip Festival and Race Across Canada. These moments underscored the significance of commemorating historical milestones and fostering community engagement.

Communication as a Catalyst for Impact

Effective communication emerged as a recurring theme throughout our conversation. Nick underscored its pivotal role in conveying information, fostering connections, and effecting positive change. As professionals, honing our communication skills can amplify our ability to make a meaningful impact in our respective fields.

Embracing Adaptability in a Dynamic Landscape

Finally, Nick emphasized the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements and industry innovations. In a rapidly evolving landscape, embracing adaptability enables professionals to navigate change with confidence and agility.

In conclusion, Nick McCarthy’s career journey offers a wealth of insights for individuals navigating their own professional paths. By prioritizing authenticity, embracing risk-taking, seeking mentorship, celebrating milestones, and honing communication skills, aspiring professionals can chart a course towards fulfilling and impactful careers.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and insightful conversations on The Route.

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